Tips for making fruit makeup% 20, red in white, girly

2021-06-25 17:26

If you want to say that girls all over the world can make up, Xiaobian must vote for Korean girls. Think about the makeup that has been popular in recent years, such as eyebrow biting lip makeup and water gloss makeup.

Recently, they seem to have fallen in love with a new makeup. From IU, Shirley to Xiuzhi, they can't wait to paint a self portrait of this female and girl makeup, and this makeup has a very exciting name - fruit makeup.

The so-called fruit makeup means that after a girl finishes painting this makeup, she is as sweet and soft as fruit, water and tender, which makes her want to bite. The big feature of the fruit makeup is that powder blusher is very obvious. The color of the lip makeup is the same as powder blusher. There is a sense of shyness and spread. In addition to the white and clear base makeup, it shows the white and red fruit girl posture.

Just as fruits can be semi ripe and ripe, fruit makeup can also be divided into semi ripe fruit makeup and mature fruit makeup according to the color of powder blusher and lip makeup.

Semi ripe fruit makeup is mainly to create a sense of beauty in bud, so the color of powder blusher and lip makeup is generally orange and pink, which are full of the flavor of young girls. When painting, the technique should also be as gentle as possible, light, full of hazy natural feeling. Lip makeup can be matte, or you can choose a more energetic varnish texture. Eye makeup should be as simple as possible. A simple map of eye black is very good. In comparison, half cooked fruit makeup will be more sweet.

Compared with the half ripe fruit makeup, it is more feminine. It looks like a girl who has lost her green and astringent skin and turned into the amazing beauty of "I have a young girl growing up in my family". Therefore, you will choose a deeper color of lip makeup, such as a stronger positive red or a more romantic brick red. Of course, you should choose a dumb light texture for this dark color lipstick. Powder blusher should also be more "heavy", and a slightly upward playful cat eye eyeliner can also be added to the eye makeup, which makes the girl feel like a woman and looks shy and attractive.

Whether it is semi ripe fruit makeup or mature fruit makeup, the makeup is made of water light base makeup+powder blusher+lip makeup. The water light base makeup is chosen to show the watery and juicy tenderness of fruit.

Steps of creating water light base makeup:

Step 1: Drop 3-5 essential oils into the liquid foundation, and mix them evenly with a cotton swab or brush;

Step 2: Dip the two sides of the foundation make-up brush with mixed liquid foundation and evenly brush it on the forehead, apple muscles, bridge of nose and chin;

Step 3: Apply liquid foundation without essential oil to other parts of the face evenly;

Step 4: After that, use the honey powder with a little pearl, and use the loose powder brush to smear in circles on the face to balance the oil shine and make the skin moist and transparent.

Powder blusher is in the fruit makeup. In addition to lip makeup, the obvious difference between semi ripe fruit makeup and mature fruit makeup is whether powder blusher is emphasized or not. powder blusher in the former is more gentle, while that in the latter is more intense.

How to choose the color of lip makeup:

As I said before, the lip makeup of semi ripe fruit is mainly orange and pink. You should also apply it lightly when painting. You can choose matte or more energetic varnish texture. The mature fruit makeup needs to choose a deeper color, such as a stronger positive red or a more romantic brick red, which has a better matt quality