The new lip color mermaid pink is really beautiful!

2021-06-25 17:24

The new lip color is really beautiful. It is not only a girl, but also a little mysterious. Such a beautiful color also has a very nice name - "mermaid pink". Our goddess has always been more in love with nude color and orange. The color that the goddess has always liked is warm. Why did she change her lip color this time?

1. The first thing to play is a mermaid, who lives in the sea. The color of the sea should be cold!

2. The Legend of the Blue Sea is adapted from the mermaid story in Yetan, an ancient Korean novel collection, and tells the fantastic love story of Jin Danling, the magistrate of Yin Li County in the Korean era, who sent the mermaid captured by fishermen back to the sea. The mermaid has always been mysterious, and this lip color just has this feeling.

3. After watching the trailer, you will find that the color of the goddess's lipstick is the same as that of the lotus. The mermaid in the lotus is too beautiful, and the lip color design is inseparable from the scene.

But what! Such beautiful mermaid powder is not only suitable for the plot, but also daubed in daily life by Wuli Quan Zhixian! At a press conference not long ago, the goddess also painted mermaid pink, which was different from the lip biting effect in the play. The lip biting effect was not used when participating in activities, but there was a sense of urban women's competence.

Many female stars are also obsessed with mermaid powder, which is really suitable for everyone.

Many people will have doubts. The mermaid powder is very beautiful and suitable for all skin tones. However, it should be noted that there should be some changes in the color depth.

How to make it look good

1. Lip biting effect

The Legend of the Blue Sea uses the lip biting effect. Follow me to learn!

Method: First use foundation make-up to make a base on the lips, then apply lipstick to the middle of the lips, and then use your fingers to faint off!

2. Moisturizing effect

Methods: First, the lip was primed, and the contour of the lip was drawn with a light lipliner at the edge of the lip, and then again with a slightly dark lipliner. Then apply lipstick evenly in the area demarcated by lipliner. Then take a piece of paper towel and gently apply it to the lips. Dip a little honey powder with a makeup brush, gently sweep the lips across the paper towel, remove the paper towel, and then apply lipstick. In this way, the lips will be plump and long lasting.

Lip care is also important

Many netizens will have lip lines or peeling due to dry air in this season, so it is not beautiful to apply lipstick like this. Don't worry, Xiao Bian will teach you how to DIY lip scrub at home today.

Method: Prepare edible salt, sugar, olive oil, vaseline, lipstick and small containers. Take a small amount of raw materials separately, put them together and stir them evenly, which is successful!